I am currently leading Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation in Leola, Pennsylvania. You are certainly welcome to stop by!

My previous congregation, B'nai Avraham Messianic Congregation, in Pikesville, Maryland, ceased operation as of November 12, 2016. I, Pete Koziar, was the leader of the congregation, and so I'm preserving here the audio of some of the sermons preached at that congregation.

They are presented here, as recorded during our services, with minimal or no editing. They are for your edification and teaching, and for you to pass on to those who will be blessed by them. They are not to be sold or otherwise distributed as part of any other collections without my express permission. And please, do not take snippets out of context to discredit me or my G-d.

Most of these are around 30 minutes in length, give or take about 10 minutes.

First Samuel





The First Letter of Peter

The Second Letter of Peter:



First Timothy:

Second Timothy:




I Thessalonians

II Thessalonians

Book of Jonah:

Book of Genesis: Topical Series: Our Turbulent World Book of John Series: Hosea Series: Romans Series: Isaiah Series: